Besides staying on our luxurious catamaran that has all conveniences, high standards of cleanliness, exquisite food, and possibility to visit the islands, we also offer equipment you can use for different kinds of waterplay to give you paradise.


Zenith II has a wide range of sports equipment, with sizes for all.

Kayak and paddleboard

It is equipped with:

  • three kayaks (a one person, two persons and three persons’ kayak),

  • two stand-up paddle boards in different sizes, for taller and smaller persons

  • snorkeling gear, masks and fins, for children and adults,

  • life jackets for children and adults, which e.g. can be used for making snorkeling easier,

  • body boards,

  • fishing gear: two rods for fishes up to 100 lb, two rods for fishes up to 50 lb and eight handheld Cuban fishing reels,

  • two yoga mats,

  • different games, like monopoly, chess and scrabble,

  • and a volleyball,

All gear is new, clean and working well.