Besides staying on our luxurious catamaran that has all conveniences, high standards of cleanliness, exquisite food, different kinds of equipment for waterplay, you of course also can visit the islands you want so you can experience paradise.


There are a lot of possibilities to create the time of your life. San Blas Islands have a lot of good things to offer.


You can go to an island and:

  • see a shipwreck that is almost completely submerged in the water,

  • spot several starfish,

  • enjoy the white beaches and palm trees,

  • walk or sit on a beach in the water that continues for a long time and goes deeper very slowly,

  • snorkel at the beautiful reefs and enjoying the coral and colorful fish,

  • play volleyball,

  • do yoga (of course you can also do this on the boat),

  • eat lobster (in season), brought aboard live and cooked on the boat

  • have a picnic,

  • drink fresh coconut water and eating coconut meat,

  • visit a local village, see how the people live and enjoy their beautiful molas. These are traditional handicrafts woven by the women of the Kuna people.

  • visit a shell collection.


If you have any other wishes, please let us know. We´ll do our best to make them come true.