Come sail in paradise.


This is the one 5 - Star Catamaran Charter at San Blas. The 48’ ZENITH is modern, clean, bright, air conditioned, with every imaginable water toy. Crewed, private charters for 1 - 10 persons, 3 - 7 days. Excellent food, beverages, and bar. An itinerary to suit your personal interests. Unmatched amenities and service! All-inclusive.

Do you want to relax, lie in a hammock with a good glass of wine, read a book and look out over gorgeous islands with white beaches, and enjoy the beautiful sunset? Lounge at night on the foredeck and look at the stars? Or would you prefer to go to an island, drink from a fresh coconut, walk in clear blue water of perfect temperature with the starfish on the white seabed? Or maybe you would like to be more active, go snorkeling or freediving, swim, and enjoy a beautiful reef with its colorful fish? Or kayak, paddle board, or motor-dinghy to or around an island, just enjoying paradise? Try sailing the boat yourself? Spot a dolphin swimming alongside? Fish while underway or at anchor? We make it happen.

Interested to see what a charter with Cruise San Blas can look like? Then watch this short 1-minute video.

The possibilities are endless. If you would like us to bring you with a mat to one of the beaches for yoga at sunrise, we´ll do. How about a birthday or anniversary celebration with a cake and balloons? A bachelorette party or honeymoon? Or an unusual business meetings on board, volleyball at dawn, and a fishing contest? We have the gear. Do you want to sail? We make it possible. Or maybe you just want to take a rest. We have multiple options for that. You can lie down in the hammock, on the trampoline in the front, the sundeck on the back, but of course also on a beach or private room with bathroom, air conditioning, or fan.

Being in paradise does not only mean gorgeous views and doing what you love, but also being on this private luxurious catamaran, the ZENITH, eating exquisite food, and drinking what you like. Whether it is a full breakfast, an appetizer, a good quality dinner or a picnic on one of the islands, all our foods are of high quality. If you want to eat fresh lobster (almost always available) brought aboard live, then that is also possible. Or the Captain’s famous beef filet BBQ grilled on the stern. We also have a huge variety in alcoholic drinks. So we deliver paradise with all your senses.

what makes this charter 5 star?

Food includes a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and seafood, popular appetizers, anytime snacks, as well as fish and lobster procured alive as available.  All charters include a Captain's onboard barbecue of filet de res (beef filet), grilled to order.  Because we shop fresh for each charter, we create unique seasonal menus.  Let us know if you would like to view and help finalize the menu one week in advance. We always accommodate dietary restrictions with prior notice.

 The ZENITH provides air conditioning - AC on request without extra cost.  AC is included in the cabins before sleeping, or all night if you prefer. AC is also provided in the salon when requested for indoor breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Or for an indoor movie or game night.  There are also two quiet electric fans in each cabin.

We only use bottled water for drinking and cooking.  An onboard icemaker makes ice from bottled water for use in your drinks.

Toilets are modern with electric flush.  We also provide flushable toilet paper, so no messy trash bins. Probably the only catamaran charter at San Blas with this capability.

 A watermaker onboard makes the fresh water for the showers and bathrooms, therefore, there are no limitations due to tank capacities. Hot water is provided at the bathroom showers and washbasins. An outdoor fresh water shower is located at the swim platform.

Free Wi-Fi hotspot for messages such as email, WhatsApp, and Instant Messenger, including WhatsApp phone and video calls.  Due to limited infrastructure at San Blas, the signal will be intermittent at certain areas, and not sufficient for websites or streaming...

110v electrical outlets and two high speed (2.4 amp) USB mobile phone charging ports are provided in each cabin. Your 110v hair dryer may be used aboard, and an onboard hair dryer is available for your use.

You are welcome to participate in sailing the catamaran, including setting and weighing the anchor, setting the main and jib sails, and taking the helm (steering).  Free lessons.

An acoustic Guitar is onboard for your use.

The ZENITH carries more water toys than any boat at San Blas!

Select from 3 kayaks (for 3, 2, and 1 person) and 2 fiberglass stand up paddleboards, therefore up to 8 persons can row on the water together.  We also have a motorized dinghy to shuttle you to-from the beach, to reefs for snorkeling, or paddleboard rides.  The dinghy has a swim ladder, so you can easily climb aboard from the water.

There is snorkeling equipment in good condition for everyone and every size, along with water shoes and sport lifevests.  The snorkeling equipment, life vests, and water shoes are also provided in children sizes.

A huge sunshade can be placed over the forward trampoline, so you can enjoy this popular location with or without direct sun. Portable recliner foam lounge seating is provided, for use anywhere around the boat.

If you like to fish, there are (2) 100# and (1) 50# outrigger poles fitted at the stern, and (2) 30# hand held fishing rods, in addition to (8) “Cubano” hand-held reels.

A hammock, wide for two persons, can be hung above the trampoline. Yoga mats. Volleyball.

Drink coolers with ice and cups for beach use. Individual beach mats for each person, plus a large beach mat for groups.  Two beach sun umbrellas.

Inflatable feature tubes with air compressor.  Foating straws.  Boogie boards.

Onboard sound system, plus a boom box for beach use (both are Bluetooth). The onboard sound system has separate indoor and outdoor volume control, and a subwoofer.  

We will play music from your phone (your music must be stored on the phone or on a USB stick, because streaming online is not available at San Blas). A selection of CDs is also provided for your perusal.

There is group TV-Video Monitor in the salon, with DVD and BlueRay video players, and with connections for your portable computer or portable drive (by RCA Jack, USB or HDMI). A large selection of DVD Movies is available onboard.

Board games (6 popular games), dominos, cards, popcorn!

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, spf50 sunspray, and liquid hand soap are all provided in the 4 bathrooms.

Large beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, and facecloths, one each per guest.

Beverages include Coke, Coke Light, Fresca, ginger ale, La Croix sparkling waters (sugar free with natural fruit essence), Tropicana  and Del Monte juice, several brands of beers (listed below), 4+ verities of bottled wines (listed below), and a bar.

Bar liquors are Bacardi light and Abuelo amber rum, Smirnoff vodka, Tangueray gin, B+W scotch, a Canadian whisky, and various cordials (such as Cointreau, Amaretto, and Kahlua).  Also tonic water, club soda, and V-8.

Bottled Wines:

White - Chardonnay (Chili) and Sauvignon Blanc (Chili).

Red: - Malbec (Argentina), Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile), Merlot (California)

And other choices


Miller Lite, Balboa Ice, and Atlas Premium Lager.

Safety and communication equipment aboard the ZENITH far exceeds requirements, and will be explained.

All in all, ZENITH is the one "5-star" catamaran at San Blas.  We strive to be the very best in every respect!

More information and lots of photos:

the boat, food, toys, islands, and references

Here you can read more about the luxurious catamaran Zenith II, about the conveniences on board, the food served, possible water activities, or the islands. If you want we can go to an island without any other tourists, like mentioned by Márcia Pavarini, one of our former guest. If you want to know more about Cruise San Blas you can also read what is written about us in the media.

availability, cost, and booking 

Interested to sail on our private luxury 5-star catamaran through the islands of San Blas with a captain that has an extensive knowledge of the islands? Let us take you to explore, snorkel, kayak and live in luxury, visiting the islands by day, eating exquisite meals and watching the world’s most amazing sunsets at night. Sounds appealing?