Come sail in paradise.


Do you want to relax, lie in a hammock with a good glass of wine, reading a book and looking out over some gorgeous little islands with white beaches and enjoy the beautiful sunset? Or do you like to go to an island, drink some fresh coconut water while walking in the clear blue water, with its perfect temperature, and see beautiful starfish below the surface? Or maybe you like to be more active, go snorkeling or freediving and enjoy the beautiful reef with its colorful fishes, go kayaking or paddle boarding to or around an island, completely feeling like you are in paradise? Does this appeal to you? We can make it happen.

Interested to see what a charter with Cruise San Blas can look like? Then watch this short 1-minute video.

The possibilities are endless. If you would like us to bring you with a yoga mat to one of the beaches so you can practice yoga by sunrise we´ll do. If you want to have a business meeting on board, we´ll make it happen. If you want to do a fishing contest. We have the gear. Do you want to sail with the sail out? We make it possible. Or maybe you just want to take a rest. We have multiple options for that. You can lie down in the hammock, on the trampoline in the front, the sundeck on the back, but of course also on a beach or in your room with private bathroom and fan.

Being in paradise does not only mean gorgeous views and doing what you love, but also being on a private luxurious catamaran, the Zenith II, eating exquisite food, and drinking what you like. Whether it is a full breakfast, an appetizer, a good quality dinner or a picnic on one of the islands, all our foods are of high quality. If you want to eat lobster (in season) prepared by the local Kuna people, then that is also possible. We also have a huge variety in alcoholic drinks. So we deliver paradise with all your senses.


More information

Here you can read more about the luxurious catamaran Zenith II, about the conveniences on board, the food served, possible water activities, or the islands. If you want we can go to an island without any other tourists, like mentioned by Márcia Pavarini, one of our former guest. If you want to know more about Cruise San Blas you can also read what is written about us in the media.


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Interested to sail on our private luxury 5-star catamaran through the islands of San Blas with a captain that has an extensive knowledge of the islands? Let us take you to explore, snorkel, kayak and live in luxury, visiting the islands by day, eating exquisite meals and watching the world’s most amazing sunsets at night. Sounds appealing?