Book a private 5-star charter with the ZENITH, a 48-foot-long sailing catamaran, and experience paradise in San Blas. The basic rate is $1600 per night and includes the private boat, experienced captain, and a chef-host. An additional $150 per night per person includes all the food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water, beach towels and toys, hotel -type expendables, and air-conditioning as requested. For children between 10-16 years the additional costs are $115 a night, for children between 4-9 years $75 and for children 0-3 years $ 35. From December 15th till January 12th the price is increased by 10%, with a 5-day minimum stay. Transportation to and from San Blas addressed below.




How to get to San Blas

After booking we will contact you in order to arrange for the transfer to the catamaran. There are three options:

1. The preferred arrival - return method is shared charter air from the Albrook airport in Panama City to the Corazon airport at San Blas.  40 minute flight time, with immediate pickup by the ZENITH crew, anchored nearby.  The price is $300 to $600 per person round trip, depending on the date, number of passengers sharing the charter flight, and whether your flight will have passengers in both directions.  An exact quotation will be solicited once your interest is clear.

 2. Road. 3 hours 4x4 transportation followed by a 30 minute small Guna Indian boat ride, with island stay of 1 - 2 hours "for camping", required due to current Guna Congresso regulations. ZENITH pickup from the island, and return after charter via the same island.  Total cost is about $150 round trip per person including San Blas road entry fees, and the time required can total 4 hours between Panama City and boarding the ZENITH.  Special instructions apply.

 3. From the Linton Bay Marina at Puerto Lindo,  we might also sail you to and from San Blas, starting the night before your charter begins, and then sailing you back at night, after dinner at San Blas on the final day. The sailing time  6 - 7 hours each way, on the open Caribbean Sea, during sleeping time.  To do this, arrive at the marina at 7 pm. Normal cars may be used, and parking is free  We add one dinner at the marina at 8 pm, then arrive San Blas by 6 am, and add one breakfast at San Blas at 8 am.  So your first day at San Blas begins early!  The final breakfast is at the marina rather then at San Blas. Total cost is $100 per adult, $50 per child ages 2 - 19. Note: Unlike the reef protected waters of San Blas, this trip to - from San Blas is on open water, Caribbean Sea, and can be rough, particularly December through May. Therefore we make the voyage at night. Motion sickness medication is available onboard, but this method of reaching San Blas is not recommended for persons with motion sickness.




This is a 5- star all-inclusive charter and with all-inclusive we really mean all-inclusive. 


  • Private luxurious catamaran

  • Private Island fees

  • Air conditioning as requested

  • 3 high quality meals a day

  • Appetizers on arrival and as desired

  • Unlimited access to a huge variety non-alcoholic beverages, like coffee, tea, bottled water, coca-cola normal and light, fresca, root beer, ginger ale, fruit nectars, sparkling waters, tonic water, and V-8

  • Unlimited access to a huge variety of alcoholic beverages. We have different kinds of beer, wine, rum, and different kinds of whisky, gin and vodka. We also have liquors like kahlúa, amaretto, cachaça, cointreau and more.

  • Ice-cubes for drinks are made of bottled water

  • Unlimited access to a variety of sweet and salty snacks

  • Unlimited access to a variety of different fresh fruits

  • Sunscreen and hotel-type expendables, beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, face towels, hair dryer, sunscreen spray, etc…

  • Use of sports equipment: kayaks, paddleboards, body boards, fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, life jackets and volleyball. Snorkling equipment and life jackets in children sizes.

  • Use of electronics like printer, laptop, tv monitor, and audio system. Selection of DVD movies and CD music.

  • Use of relaxing equipment like a hammock, beach mats, and lounge cushions