Except staying on our luxurious catamaran that has all conveniences and has high standards of cleanliness, we offer more to give you paradise. We offer exquisite food and different kind of equipment to make it possible to do whatever you like. And of course you can visit the islands you want.



Zenith II has a wide range of sports equipment, with sizes for all.

Kayak and paddleboard

It is equipped with:

  • three kayaks (a one person, two persons and three persons’ kayak),

  • two stand-up paddle boards in different sizes, for taller and smaller persons

  • snorkeling gear, masks and fins, for children and adults,

  • life jackets for children and adults, which e.g. can be used for making snorkeling easier,

  • body boards,

  • fishing gear: two rods for fishes up to 100 lb, two rods for fishes up to 50 lb and eight handheld Cuban fishing reels,

  • two yoga mats,

  • different games, like monopoly, chess and scrabble,

  • and a volleyball,

All gear is new, clean and working well.



All high quality foods and drinks are included. If you have any special requests or dietary wishes, please let us know when you´re booking, so we can take this into account and can give you a great time.

We offer:

  • three exquisite meals a day, which varies every day.

  • an appetizer with (alcoholic) beverages and food of your choice. Do you want some cheeses, olives, hams or crackers with some nice dips? It is possible.

  • unlimited access to a huge variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We have beer, wine, rum, gin, whisky, vodka, kahlúa, baileys, amaretto, cachaça, cointreau and many more.

  • bottle water is used for drinks and ice cubes

  • free access to a variety of sweet and salty snacks,

  • free access to a variety of different fresh fruits.


Trips and Possibilities

There are a lot of possibilities to create the time of your life. Except the exquisite food, equipment on board, the possibility to do water activities, including snorkeling at the reef. San Blas Islands have a lot of good things to offer.


You can go to an island and:

  • see a shipwreck that is almost completely submerged in the water,

  • spot several starfish,

  • enjoy the white beaches and palm trees,

  • walk or sit on a beach in the water that continues for a long time and goes deeper very slowly,

  • snorkel at the beautiful reefs and enjoying the coral and colorful fish,

  • play volleyball,

  • do yoga (of course you can also do this on the boat),

  • eat lobster (in season) prepared by the Kuna people,

  • have a picnic,

  • drink fresh coconut water and eating coconut meat,

  • visit a local village, see how the people live and enjoy their beautiful molas. These are traditional handicrafts woven by the women of the Kuna people.

  • visit a shell collection.


If you have any other wishes, please let us know. We´ll do our best to make them come true.